2021-2022 Brochure coming soon!

iLife is an enrichment program created by members for members. Member volunteers give presentations and facilitate clinics and discussion groups. Participants attend most activities free of charge. There may be a fee for certain art or culinary classes which is clearly stated in the activity description.

iLife is not only an educational program, but it’s also a social club. Starting back in 2011, iLife has come a long way from its humble beginnings offering free tennis lessons to now boasting a diverse selection of offerings and activities each season. Participants don’t attend just to learn, but also to meet new friends and neighbors at these activities. 

The success of iLife is highly attributed to the quality work of the member volunteers. Members serve in several capacities to make iLife happen. They champion the program, serve as ambassadors and compose the advisory committee as well as facilitate most of the activities. The program also receives support from the clubhouse staff with organizing and coordinating the program.

iLife has been such a successful concept at Spring Run that other area clubs are emulating the program for their communities. Spring Run member volunteers have been reaching out to these other clubs to help them get their own program off the ground. Clubs that initiate their own program participate in a club talent exchange with Spring Run. This valuable exchange of talent among clubs helps keep program offerings fresh and interesting each season.

Invitation to Participate

You may be surprised at how inspired you are to facilitate your own clinic or discussion group on your topic of expertise/interest. Perhaps you’re interested in volunteering in another supporting role for the iLife program. To join the many facilitators or other supporting roles in iLife, contact Mark Oroyan, Spring Run Activities Director, or Terri Socol, Member Organizer. They can help you develop your topic and presentation or put you in touch with the right group to get involved.

Contact Mark Oroyan: 239-444-2127 or [email protected]

Contact Terri Socol: 513-374-9483 or [email protected]